Project Settings

The Seclea Platform offers a comprehensive "Project Settings" section, where users can easily manage various aspects of their AI projects, including user access settings, compliance settings, risk management settings, and performance settings. This centralised hub allows users to efficiently configure and control their projects according to their specific requirements and preferences.
User Access Settings: In this section, users can manage access permissions for their project team members. By defining roles and permissions, project administrators can ensure that the right people have access to the appropriate resources and data. The user access settings enable project owners to grant or restrict access to specific project components, enhancing collaboration and safeguarding sensitive information.
Compliance Settings: The compliance settings allow users to configure their AI projects to adhere to global AI regulations and industry standards. By customising these settings, users can ensure that their projects remain compliant with evolving regulatory requirements. The Seclea Platform offers built-in tools and features to assist with regulatory compliance, simplifying the process and providing peace of mind for project owners.
Risk Management Settings: In the risk management settings, users can leverage the platform's integration with globally recognised AI risk management frameworks, such as NIST and ISO standards. By tailoring these settings to their projects, users can effectively mitigate risks associated with AI development and deployment. The platform provides comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation tools, ensuring responsible AI development and promoting best practices across projects.
Performance Settings (Internal Policies and Controls): The performance settings allow users to define and manage internal policies and controls for their AI projects. By customising these settings, project owners can establish performance benchmarks, monitor progress, and optimise their AI models. The Seclea Platform enables users to track model training, performance metrics, potential biases, and explanations, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the AI development process.
The Seclea Platform's "Project Settings" section serves as a centralised location for managing and configuring AI projects, providing users with the necessary tools and features to ensure success, compliance, and responsible development across all aspects of their AI initiatives.