Seclea AI Risk Management Dashboard

The Seclea Platform’s Risk Management Dashboard provides users with an overview of their project's risk level, along with valuable insights to help manage and mitigate risk. Here are the key features of the dashboard:
  • Overall Risk Level: The dashboard displays a color-coded indicator that shows the overall risk level of the project.
  • Risk Heatmap: The Risk Heatmap provides a visual representation of the project's risk distribution. The heatmap highlights the areas of the project with high, medium, and low risks.
  • Risk by Category: This section shows the distribution of risks across different categories, allowing users to identify the risk areas that require more attention.
  • Risk by Owner: This section provides users with insights on risks assigned to different team members, highlighting the areas where individuals can contribute to risk mitigation efforts.
  • Table Listing All Risks: This table provides a comprehensive overview of all the risks associated with the project. The table includes information such as Risk Name, Risk Description, Risk Owner, Likelihood, Impact, and Risk Level. This information allows users to assess the risk and develop effective mitigation strategies.
To access the Risk Management Dashboard, navigate to the project on the Seclea Platform and click on the Risk option in the left-side menu. The dashboard will display the key risk management metrics and insights, allowing you to proactively manage and mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle.
Seclea risk management dashboard