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AI risk management

The process of recognising and minimising the potential dangers posed by the creation and application of artificial intelligence is what is meant by the term "AI risk management." It is possible that as artificial intelligence technology becomes more advanced and widespread, it will pose significant risks to society. These risks may include the loss of jobs, the concentration of power in the hands of a few powerful corporations or governments, and even existential risks to humanity itself. It is essential to develop efficient risk management strategies that take into account both the potential benefits and the potential harms of AI technology in order to reduce the likelihood of these risks occurring.
A multi-disciplinary approach that includes the participation of experts from a variety of disciplines, such as computer science, philosophy, economics, law, and ethics, is required for effective risk management of artificial intelligence (AI). To ensure that the benefits of this technology are realised while simultaneously identifying and mitigating the potential risks that may be associated with the development and application of AI technology is the objective of this endeavour. This necessitates not only an in-depth comprehension of the potential hazards and damage that can be caused by AI, but also a dedication to the development and implementation of AI that is both ethical and responsible. We can ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) technology is developed and used in a way that is beneficial to society as a whole if we take a proactive approach to the management of risks posed by AI.
The list of AI risk management supported by the Seclea Platform includes: