Seclea - Building trust in AI

Seclea is a research-backed toolkit available as a SaaS platform by data scientists and AI stakeholders to make AI applications that are fair, explainable, transparent, and accountable. All AI stakeholders can also use the Seclea Platform to check on AI risk and regulatory compliance in real-time. Making sure that all AI stakeholders inside and outside the company accept and trust the AI application.
Seclea Brief Introduction Video
Seclea provides a semi-automated toolkit for fostering AI fairness, explanation, transparency, accountability, and risk management across the whole AI lifecycle, with the goal of ensuring that AI applications comply with applicable laws and regulations.
In order to report to AI stakeholders on concerns of AI fairness, explanation, and transparency, data scientists must now collect a multiplicity of tools from a variety of providers, integrate them, and make sense of them collectively. In addition, they need to record everything they and the machine do to guarantee openness, responsibility, and ownership; control risks; and check for compliance with rules and policies. These are labour-intensive activities that eat into Data Scientists' productive time. This means that many data scientists cannot focus exclusively on their primary duty, which is to create AI models to solve business problems.
Data scientists can easily integrate their AI application with Seclea by selecting the regulations and risk management templates for their AI project and then typing a few lines of code. Seclea can monitor an application in development or update to ensure it follows principles of fairness, transparency, explainability, and accountability. Seclea is an AI reporting and compliance platform that provides a centralised hub for managing AI fairness, transparency, explainability, accountability, regulatory compliance and risk.
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