AI Expertise (AIE)

Artificial intelligence systems and their development are distinct from more conventional approaches to software. It is necessary to have a selection of dedicated specialists who have experience in evaluating, developing, and implementing AI systems. These specialists should have interdisciplinary skill sets. It is the responsibility of organisations to make certain that individuals possessing such knowledge are involved in the design and specification of AI systems.
The end consumers of AI systems should be included in the expertise of artificial intelligence. Users should have a sufficient comprehension of how the AI system functions and be empowered to detect and override any decisions or outputs that are determined to be incorrect by the system.
Controls related to this risk category are listed as below:
  • AIE 01 - Inter-disciplinary AI Stakeholders
  • AIE 02 - Stakeholder Engagements
  • AIE 03 - Trustworthy AI Characteristics Definition
  • AIE 04 - Trustworthy AI Characteristics
  • AIE 05 - AI Risk Management Training
  • AIE 06 - External Stakeholder Policies
  • AIE 07 - Stakeholder Feedback Integration